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About lekeland

Lekeland Hafjell is the playland, adapted for children from 0 to about 12 years. With a play area of approximately 900 square meters, there is plenty of play space, and the children experience joy, physical challenge and mastery.

We are located in the center of Øyer, and are the nearest neighbor to Lilleputthammer family park. Lekeland is part of Hafjell Resort, which offers accommodation, family packages and activities. We are located in the same building as Hafjell hotel, and if you stay there you have discounts to Lekeland during the day and free admission in the evening! Feel free to contact the reception for a good offer on tel. +47 61 28 55 50.


Lekeland is created for physical activity. Here the children can slide, climb, sneak, balance and explore. The challenges are in line, and the children experience a positive feeling of mastery. But most importantly for the kids, Lekeland is great fun!

We have divided the play area into zones so that all the children will feel safe and can play in the best possible way.


Main area

The largest play area in Lekeland Hafjell is adapted for children aged 4 to about 12 years. Here the children can frolic in challenging activities in a play facility over 4 levels:
- 16 meter long triple slide with a height difference of 7.5 meters!

- Spiral slide
- Several obstacle courses
- Ball pool

- Balance board
- Climbing net
- Ghost room
- with more ...


Play area 2-4 year

This play area is a smaller version of the main play area, adapted for children in the age group 2 - 4 years. The play area is over 4 levels, and consists of slides, ball bins, obstacle courses and more.


Play area 0-3 years

In the play area for the little ones in Lekeland Hafjell there are large soft blocks to climb, swing or slide on, and a large wall puzzle. The area is also fenced, so the little ones can feel safe exploring their dedicated area.



In our café department in Lekeland Hafjell with around 70 seats, the adults can relax with something to drink and eat. Here you can watch TV, read newspapers or use our internet access. See the menu here.

Play rules

We at Lekeland Hafjell care about the safety of the children. All our play facilities are secured and approved according to Norwegian laws and regulations with safety nets, upholstery and soft mats. Children are only allowed entrance in accompany with an adult (minimum 16 years), and it is the adults' responsibility to ensure that the children follow the rules for the play facilities.

In order for everyone to have a good stay in Lekeland Hafjell, we ask our guests to follow some simple play rules

  • Children only have access with an adult (min. 16 years)
  • Shoes are not allowed in the play areas.
  • We recommend that children wear gym socks or non-slip socks, long-sleeved sweaters and long trousers.
  • For hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to be barefoot indoors.
  • Jewelry, watches, money, loose belts and chewing gum are not allowed in the play areas.
  • Food and drinks can only be enjoyed in the café area.
  • Bringing food and drink is not allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to climb on the outer walls of the play facilities or on top of these.
  • It is the adults' responsibility to inform the children about our play rules.
  • Hafjell lekeland's staff has the right to reject children who destroy for the safety of others.


Good to know

We have a good overview of allergens, and have options for most allergy sufferers.

We have limited space up in the cafe area, but prams can be parked by the cloakroom.

Of course, it is allowed to take pictures in the playground, but show caution around other children and adults. Also keep this in mind if you are going to post the pictures online - ask them in the picture for permission.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring pets on Lekeland Hafjell.

Companion certificate
Companians enter Lekeland Hafjell free of charge. 

Mikrowave oven
We have a microwave available for our guests.

Bring food
It's not possible to bring your own food in our premises. But we do of course make an exception for food to babies and allergy suffers.

We have free parking and also handicap parking lots.

Changing table
We have changing tables in both the women's and men's toilets.

We want you to adhere to the same precautionary rules that the National Institute of Public Health advises kindergartens and parents to. Read Folkehelseinstituttets anbefaling her: https://www.fhi.no/sv/barnehage/nar-ma-barnet-vare-hjemme-fra-barne/

We put out water jugs on busy days. Of course we also fill water bottles.

We have free wifi for our guests. Log in via facebook.


Contact us


Lekeland Hafjell

Hundervegen 37,
2636 Øyer

Mail: ​post@lekeland.no

Phone: +47 61 28 55 00





0 year Free
1 - 2 year kr 119,-
3 - 11 year kr 179,-
12 year + kr 59,-
67 year + kr 29,-